Customized ED Clipboard Pak – Antimicrobial


Shipped fully assembled. Factory-installed divider tabs, vinyl form protectors and stat-flag pages to hold Stat-Flag Alerts. Custom-imprint your facility name or logo on the cover (not included in price below). Customized ED Clipboard Pak includes 1Standard Clipboard (10″w x 131/2″h), 5 custom ED Extended Divider Tabs, (titles are Physician,Nurse, Lab/X-Ray, Billing Info and EMS) one 4081Vinyl Form Protector and 4 Stat-Flag Alerts (titlesare Discharge Needed, Doctor to See, Nurse to 3and New Orders).

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Customized ED Clipboard Pak includes one Letter size Antimicrobial Clipboard (10″w x 13-1/2″h) 5 custom ED Extended Antimicrobial Divider Tabs (Titles: PHYSICIAN, NURSE, LAB/XRAY, BILLING INFO, EMS) One 4081 Vinyl Form Protector and 4 Antimicrobial Stat-Flag Alerts (Titles: DISCHARGE NEEDED, DOCTOR TO SEE, NURSE TO CHECK, NEW ORDERS).     Â

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