Med-Alert Labels – 2 1/4″ x 15/16″


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Choose Your Label Title - 2 1/4" x 15/16" Size

ADVANCE DIRECTIVES Fluorescent Red, ADVANCE DIRECTIVES Fluorescent Yellow, ADVANCE DIRECTIVES ON FILE Fluorescent Yellow, CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Fluorescent Red, LIVING WILL ON FILE Fluorescent Orange, POWER OF ATTORNEY Fluorescent Yellow, DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTHCARE Fluorescent Yellow, NO ALLERGIES Fluorescent Green, ALLERGIES (with 3 lines) Fluorescent Red, ALLERGIC TO __________ Fluorescent Red, HOSPICE Fluorescent Blue, FULL CODE Fluorescent Green, NO CODE NO CPR Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Red, DNR-CC ARREST Fluorescent Red, DNR-CC Fluorescent Red, DNH Fluorescent Red, DNR/DNI Fluorescent Yellow, DNR Fluorescent Red, RESUSCITATE Fluorescent Green, FALL PRECAUTIONS Fluorescent Orange, SKIN CARE ALERT Fluorescent Yellow, HIGH FALL RISK Fluorescent Red, PACEMAKER Fluorescent Red, SEIZURE PRECAUTIONS Fluorescent Yellow, DIABETIC Fluorescent Red, HISTORY & PHYSICAL NEEDED Fluorescent Green, HISTORY & PHYSICAL NEEDED Fluorescent Yellow, NEW ORDERS White w/ Black type, DOCTOR PLEASE SIGN ________ Fluorescent Orange, PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN Fluorescent Red, PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN Fluorescent Yellow, DOCTOR’S SIGNATURE NEEDED White w/ Black type, ORIGINAL DOCUMENT DO NOT REMOVE FROM CHART White w/ Red type, DO NOT THIN FROM CHART Fluorescent Red, CHART THINNED ON:___/___/___ Fluorescent Orange, CHART THINNED ON ________ BY ________ Fluorescent Green, THIS CHART HAS BEEN THINNED. THINNED MATERIAL IS IN MEDICAL RECORDS Fluorescent Orange, MULTI-VOLUME CHART This is volume_________of__________ volumes Please keep all volumes together. Fluorescent Pink, DAILY CHARTING Fluorescent Green, ASSESSMENT DUE ON:___/___/___ Fluorescent Yellow, NAME ALERT Fluorescent Red, CODE STATUS ____________ Fluorescent Red, DISCHARGED DATE ___/___/___ Fluorescent Red, (Blank-no type) Fluorescent Blue, (Blank-no type) Fluorescent Green, (Blank-no type) Fluorescent Red, (Blank-no type) Fluorescent Pink, (Blank-no type) Fluorescent Yellow